Framing "Pilorama Lab"

Global topics, local actions, and own visions need smart presentation forms and new aesthetics. Civic engagement and civic society are not simple topics. In our workshop, we will learn and try out different forms of documentation of civic ideas and processes in photos and films and distribute them through new channels afterwards.

Target of the master class is overview of different perspectives of "PiloramaLab" and distribution of information on the project worldwide.

Participants: 5–10 persons

Equipment: your mobile phone, camera, laptop, cables.


July 26, 2012

Framing "Pilorama Lab" - creation of look of the "Pilorama Lab" brand in picture, video and on the net

1. Input:

democracy and participation in picture
pictures, moments, perspectives
light, sound, and camera techniques
picture lists, storyboard, and sequence concept
discretion, image and individual’s rights

2. Practice-oriented scenarios in political daily life

3. Result of the day: picture lists, scenario for "PiloramaLab"

July 27, 2012

1. Implementation of picture lists and scenarios:on-site film and photo production

2. Individual curation of the groups

3. Behind the curtain: publishing, tagging, distribution of the film

July 28, 2012

Development of the concept for presentation of the results


Photo and film results of the master class will be presented in 4 weeks on the homepage and in social networks. Length of the film: 2–3 minutes


Witja Frank (Germany)

Studied theatre, media, and cultural sciences in Leipzig and Frankfurt on Oder. Since 2008 works as a film producer in Berlin.

Nastasia Hase (Germany)

Studied languages and communication in Leipzig and Curitiba (Brazil). She develops and manages international projects in the fields of culture and contemporary art.