National Identity. Ethnoeconomics. Ecology

Discussion Questions:

1. Ethnic paradox of modern times: Is there such an appearance at all? Which consequences may it have? (influence of globalization processes on the national consciousness)

2. Influence of economic factors on the ethnoses' development. Ethnic branding as a part of development of the economics of ethnoses

3. Ecology of ethnic consciousness, civic initiatives, influence of economic processes on the everyday life of ethnic groups

4. Natural resources as a part of identities of ethnic groups. Problem fields and best practices.

The concept of the master class may be dowloaded here.


Oliver Loode (Estonia) 

Managing Director of tourism and place marketing consultancy "Consumetric" (Tallinn, Estonia) . In the course of past 7 years, he has advised municipalities, regional and national tourism boards in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia on tourism planning, destination marketing, and new tourism product development. His spheres of interest cover development of programs and marketing of cultural tourism in towns and rural areas.

Last year Oliver Loode produced his first international cultural project – Literature Festival "Dovlatov Days in Tallinn", which was held as part of the official program of "Tallinn – European Capital of Culture 2011". As Board Member, Oliver Loode has been actively participating in the international Finno-Ugric youth movement, representing Estonia in MAFUN (Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples). Oliver Loode holds a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Alexander Morozov (Russia)

Journalist, political scientist, famous blogger amoro1959. Chief Editor at "Russian Journal". Permanent columnnist for and "Russian journal". 1989 - Head of Department at the Daily News on M-BIO (Co-Ordination Centre of the Informal Movement). 1988-1989 - member of the informal movement. 1985 – Reporter at the Department for Communist Education at the "Teacher’s Newspaper". 1981-1984 - junior editor of philosophy rdition at the Publishing House of the Moscow State University. Has had publications in "Ogoniok", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Russian Thought", "Independent Paper".

Pavel Pozdeev (Russia)

Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Academy of Culture as a director of theatre performances and festivals. In 2008 established Promotion Group “Yumshan Promo” (now YUMSHAN57). Main goal of YUMSHAN57 is promotion of the Udmurt culture. He produced such projects as "Udmurt Parties", "Buranovo Grannies", ” "Silent Woo Goore”

Olli Turunen (Finland)

Co-Ordinator of International Development Co-Operation (including
projects in Russia) at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC).
He has worked with Russian environmental NGOs since 1996 in several
forest protection projects (major topics - old growth forest
mapping and protection, sustainable forestry, valuable nature areas for
indigenous and local people). In the 1990s he worked within protection campaigns at Finnish environmental NGOs, with a special focus on Lapland, the Saami reindeer herding area.