Urban Space. Environment. Civic Participation

Overall subjects of the workshop are the questions: "How do we want to live?",
"What makes life liveable?", "How do we get there?"

Participants and experts will be exchanging information on actual debates and different projects as well as collecting ideas and strategies. As long as they have different perspectives, it will be able to find out, where this leads them, and to look for a common ground for discussion and action.

The concept of the master class may be dowloaded here.


Stella Cristofolini (Germany)

MA in Cultural Sciences, Aesthetic Everyday Culture, Cultural Anthropology at Humboldt University (Berlin) and Communication Studies (Cultural Studies and Media Studies) at Dublin City University (DCU), Republic of Ireland, combines research/theory and social and artistic practice (theatre/performance/installation) with special interest in abandoned space and transit space, artistic methods of urban exploration, everyday culture, archives and collections, and the sea. Lectures at the Institute for Arts and Media at the Potsdam University / European Media Sciences and Institute for Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology at Humboldt University (urban exploration, urban research, dissident cartographies, space travel). Stella Cristofolini is part of the artists initiatives "Theater Arbeit Duisburg" and "Kultur im Turm" Oberhausen (www.theater-arbeit-duisburg.de, www.kitev.de)

Tatyana Merzlyakova (Russia)

Ombudswoman for Human Rights in the Region Sverdlovsk. Elected for the third time. Since 2010 Chairwoman of the Commission of Pardons in the Sverdlovsk Region. Since 2006 member of the European Ombudsman Institute from Russia. Since 2002 board member of the Co-Ordination Board of Ombudsmen for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, member of the Expert Council by the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Federation. Since 2001 member of the Board of Public Safety in the Sverdlovsk Region, Deputy Chairwoman of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region in Affairs of inviting and using foreign workers. Since 1986 member of the Russian Journalists' Union. Laureate of the USSR Journalists' Union Award. Awarded with the medal "For Merits to the Fatherland of the 2nd degree" and the Holy Princess Olga Order (2nd and 3rd degree).

Anton Polsky, or MAKE (Russia)

Artist and activist. He is a graduate of Russian State University for the Humanities, where his speciality was art history. In Moscow, his work has included preparing the USE/LESS – DIY cycling map series for the city. Co-Founder of "Do It Yourself". He has been articipating in creating the alternative vision for the city "Moscow 2020". He is also a co-founder and editor of the network Partizaning.org

Leah Whittingham (Great Britain)

Interim Head of Development, Oval House Theatre, London, Great Britain, fields of work: Fundraising and Strategic Partnership Development, development of a national network for organisations working with arts and young people at risk, support creative learning and future employment of young people.

Freelance project manager at Kettle Partnership Ltd, author of “Home to Home” – a digital art project, exploring cultural identity in Ukrainian diaspora communities in the UK. Initiator of the Culture Global Network, an international knowledge exchange initiative, translating research into practical tools. Developed research and stakeholder engagement programme across USA, Australia, Europe and UK. Worked at British Film Institute. Developer of  UK-wide stakeholder network that developed external partnerships with museums, public libraries, ALMA UK, National Youth Network, LOCOG, and Age UK. In 2008 – 2009 Living Places Programme Manager at Museums, Libraries & Archives Council (Led and managed a national programme to support the development of cultural infrastructure in areas of new housing growth).  2006 –2007 Head of the Arts Department for the borough of Lambeth, supporting the arts and creative sector through levering in external funds and creating innovative grant programmes.