Civic Engagement Institute (Russia)

Civic Engagement Institute was established in February 2007. Its mission is support and development of the civic society and civic initiatives. Main spheres of activities are non-formal civic education, social projects, institutional development of nonprofit organizations, cultural management, work with ethnic groups, development of international/multicultural partnership in the sphere of cultural and youth policy. Civic Engagement Institute cooperates with many regional, national, and international organizations working in the spheres of civic engagement and culture.

Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions "Perm 36" (Russia)

Unique in Russia, the Centre and Museum of the History of Political Repressions "Perm 36" includes preserved and renovated constructions of a camp (working site) for political prisoners, where dissidents, far-outers, active fighters for human rights in the Soviet Union, opponents of the communist regime, advocates of national independence of enslaved peoples – politicians, public figures, writers, scientists, ie people, whose ideas and efforts promoted for the ruin of the misanthropic regime, were held in the days of the Soviet power under hardest conditions, perished and suffered.

MitOst (Germany)

MitOst is an international non-profit NGO that promotes cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions. MitOst organize international programmes and projects and serve as a platform for new forms of social engagement. Founded in 1996, MitOst currently has 1.400 members in 40 different countries.

German-Russian Exchange (Germany–Russia)

Major competences of the organization are social activities, protection of civil rights, independent media, development of democratic communities in the Western and Eastern Europe. "German-Russian Exchange" with the headquarters in Berlin, the partner organization in St. Petersburg as well as partners in Moscow, Volgograd, Nazran, Kyiv, Minsk, and Grodna supports civic initiatives, human rights organizations, and nonprofit social institutions.