History. Identity. Intercultural Dialogue

This workshop is designed in connection to the physical and historical setting of the Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions "Perm 36". It is conceived as a platform where different memories of Europe and Russia and the challenges they are meeting can be explored.

The workshop will deal with the ultimate challenge on the issue of conflicting memories and identities: The existing possibilities of settling these differences. Intercultural dialogue will be put forward as an approach to open and unrestrained exchange of views. It opens up space for presentation and reflection of different perspectives in the public sphere. Identity, constructed through collective memory, may here be considered as a dynamic concept. It shall allow shifts in positioning and negotiation for new relations from a future-orientated perspective.

Guest speakers will present case studies to analyse the problems within this framework to stimulate discussion among participants in the workshop. The latter are expected to be experts in their own fields and provide additional perspectives on the relevant issues. 

Proposed questions:

What kinds of memories are surrounding Perm 36? What kinds of conflicting memories exist of other sites or cases in Europe?

How is identity currently shaped and discussed in Russia and other European countries? How do people draw on historical events to construct their identity? In which way are these historical sources relevant even today?

How may intercultural dialogue be developed as an approach to reconcile or settle conflicting memories and identities between different groups?