Perm 36

"Perm 36" is the unique place. It is situated 90 km from Perm and 26 km from the town of Chusovoy (Perm Region) and had served as a camp for political prisoners in the GULAG system from 1946 until 1987. "Perm 36" was one of the strictest camps on the territory of the former Soviet Union, where a lot of leaders and activists of human rights and national movements were imprisioned, including Sergei Kovalev, Balys Gajauskas, Ivan Gel, Vasil Stus, Levko Lukyanenko, and others.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the site was converted into the Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions, the only museum space of that kind in the world, targeted at preservation of the former Camp "Perm 36", collection of materials regarding history of political repressions in the USSR, study of history of totalitarianism, preparation of thematic expositions and exhibitions as well as civil, historic, and human rights education.

Since 2005, the International Civil Forum "Pilorama" (literally translated as sawmill, ie sawmill, where convicts used to saw timber) has been carried out, which attracts politicians, human rights activists, journalists, artists, actors, musicians, and the general public from different regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.